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A guide to post publication peer review

Interesting things are happening in science publishing. In the recent months we witnessed how multiple post publication peer review platforms were born and gained popularity. In this post I will try to clarify what is post publication peer review, what are the differences between existing platforms and what those changes mean for the future of publishing. But before I begin let me say a few words about how most publishing works right now.
Peer review before the intertubesSay you are a scientist (if you are reading this it is very likely that you are, but let me try to make this topic understandable for people outside of academia). You have just discovered some exciting properties of a chemical molecule, or came up with a new theory of attention. You would like to share your findings with everyone else. You write a paper and submit it to a journal of your choice. The journal assigns an editor who tries to find two or three reviewers that read your work and look for methodological mistak…